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Sock Sort Sanity

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Summer is coming to an end and the kids are either about to, or have already, started school. Yes, Summer was fast, and, as fast as it was, it was, long. You know you wanna say it, and maybe you just can't, but that’s ok, I said it for you, so you’re good, and you can tell the kids it was me!

The mad dash for new clothes, shoes that fit, and school supplies are in full swing, and now, all we have to do is get the laundry washed, sorted put away, plan for the lunches, carpool, bus schedules etc. just to start the year off right. Right?. It’s alot. Now, I understand that maybe, I could have published this sooner to help you out a little, but, we go back to school after Labor Day, so it was put on the back burner…sorry. But the good news is, I am about to share a little trick I learned all by myself! Well, it may have been invented already but I sure as heck didn’t know it, and how I wish I did, oh so long ago, when I had 3 kids in elementary school. But, here I am with 2 in college and one in his last year of high school. Oh well , better late than never.

I stumbled upon this magical secret when I went head first into cleaning my son’s bedroom with no plan whatsoever on how, or where to begin. My son is a sophomore in college, and, like so many others who graduated during the pandemic ,he chose to go to county college and stay home. Needless to say, I had very few opportunities to clean his room, and when the opportunity finally arose, I went in head first, reluctantly!

After years of being grounded he had the opportunity to travel to Colombia with his high school sweetheart and her wonderful family to visit their family, and their beautiful country. It was a trip of a lifetime and the opportunity of mine to get into his room and CLEAN! I have made this attempt so many times before, but I could never get the right block of time. That was, until his 10 day excursion.

I didn’t have a real plan, because I didn’t really know where to begin. In case you're wondering, he was fair warned, and, given ample time to remove any and all personal items necessary. This is an important step if you don't want any surprises when rooting through your teenage son's bedroom. I should also note that this is a teenage boy we are speaking of, and they are not as thorough as they may think they are, and that’s that.

Finally he was off to magical lands and new adventures and I was ready, and rearing to go.

Ten whole days to clean, organize, disinfect, deodorize, maybe even paint a wall or two (now I’m getting ahead of myself). Funny thing about plans, they only work if you follow through!

Seven whole days in, and I had yet to set even one big toe in that place of mass destruction.

Day 8: I began the sock drawer and my son was living his best life! shown here.


Ok, back to work....PREP There's always a prep!


Here is what you will need:

  • A clutter free large space to work with, like a kitchen table or cleared floor. I just pushed everything out of the way and sat on the floor. Ok I'll confess, I literally vacuumed the small area I was going to sit in!

  • Washed socks so they are all available at once.

Two baskets to toss the single, holey one for each.

Make sure all sock are outside, outside. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, try to sort after laundering. I know this is something that is generally on auto pilot for many of us, but to keep this task efficient it's best to start this way for first timers.

  1. Dump


All the socks of all colors out in front of you. Be sure to resist the urge to sort.

Now that you have this ridiculous mound in front of you, take a breath, take a moment, and just be in it. Put on a podcast and just do it. Don’t focus on the outcome it will be here before you know it!

2. Sort

by color only! Do not look at brands, bands or length . Get past it so you can move on!


3. Sort Again

Now, you can match brands in each color category, this is where you will come across those holey socks that have seen better days. Toss them in basket for holeys.


4. Match

For those who are starting to lose their cool, here we go. In each of those brands with same brand piles start matching length, band etc. This is where you will find those lonely socks who lost their match to the holey basket, but don’t fret there's always hope !? I honestly don't know why I have no pic for this, I think I was in a groove. It happens.


5. Pair

The most gratifying of all steps! Pair 'em roll 'em put'em away! I didn't exactly sort them the way I would do mine, but I was tired. Also, there are all kinds of sock sorting products out there, and I do recommend them; however, don't bother purchasing for your kids drawers they don't care. Get them for yourself because you will appreciate them and most likely use them the way they should be used.

And that's all folks! I wish there was a magically clean sound track to go with this but I still hear it in my head anyway.

I would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment, question or suggestion even a grammar correction! I'm always learning!!!

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